Becket Fund’s HHS Media Coverage

Top Sampling of 
Becket Fund HHS Media Coverage (scroll down for more recent):

The Wall Street Journal: Why We Have Gone to Court against the Obama Mandate, By William Armstrong, Ken Smith and Joe Aguillard

New York Times: Contraception, Against Conscience, By Michael Warsaw

The Wall Street Journal: The Church of Kathleen Sebelius, By William McGurn

The Washington Post: HHS’s birth-control rules intrude on Catholic values, By John Garvey

USA Today: Contraception fight not just ‘a Catholic thing’, By John Inazu

USA Today: Christian Companies Can’t Bow to Sinful Mandate, By David Green

The Los Angeles Times: Contraceptive mandate could face tough sledding in Supreme Court, By David Savage

The Associated Press: Feds: Religious employers must cover the pill, By Rachel Zoll

National Catholic Register: Defending the Rights of Religious Expression for Everyone — From Anglicans to Zoroastrians, By Thomas L. McDonald

The Washington Times: Religious Intolerance, California Style, By Patrick J. Reilly

The Washington Post: Employers challenging health law contraceptive provision, By Robert Barnes








Hannah Smith on the O’ Reilly Factor. Click here for video.

Luke Goodrich on Diane Sawyer’s ABC World News.  Click here for video.

Mark Rienzi on Geraldo at Large.  Click here for video.

Hannah Smith on American’s News HQ.  Click here for video.

Luke Goodrich on CNN Newsroom. Click here for video.

Hannah Smith on America’s Newsroom.  Click here for video.


Emily Hardman on MSNBC.  Click here for video.

Montse Alvarado on John Stossel.  Click here for video.



HHS Threat Undiminished, National Catholic Register (11-08-2012)

Lawsuit by Hobby Lobby is assertion of First Amendment rights, The Oklahoman (9-19-2012)

Christian companies can’t bow to sinful mandate, USA Today (9-12-2012)

Q & A: Philip Ryken on Wheaton’s Contraception Mandate Lawsuit: ‘A Last Resort’, Christianity Today (7-18-12)

Federal Judge Dismisses 7-State Birth Control Mandate Suit, Christian Post (7-18-12)

School Tries New Tack in Contraceptive Fight, Wall Street Journal (7-18-12)

Contraception mandate unites Protestants and Catholics in new lawsuit, Washington Examiner (7-18-12)

Wheaton College joins lawsuit over health care requirements, Chicago Tribune (7-18-12)

Wheaton College sues administration over contraception mandate, CNN (7-18-12)

Ryken and Garvey: An Evangelical-Catholic Stand on Liberty, Philip Ryken and John Garvey, Wall Street Journal (7-18-12)

Perilous precedent for any president, Jim Towey, The Hill (7-11-2012)

ObamaCare Constitution fight not over yet, Mark L. Rienzi, USA Today (7-6-2012)

More legal challenges to ACA on way, Politico (7-3-2012)

Understanding the HHS Lawsuits, Notre Dame Magazine (7-2012)

Obamacare: HHS Mandate Redefines Religion, Say Christian Legal Experts, Christian Post (6-29-2012)

The Church Pushes Back, Mark L. Rienzi, National Review Online (6-4-2012)

Uniting Against Big Government, Ed Feulner, The Washington Times (2-27-2012)

A Tsunami of Court Challenges to Obamacare, Grace-Marie Turner, Forbes (2-16-2012)

Obama’s contraception compromise rings hollow, Vincent Carroll, The Denver Post (2-15-2012)

Mother Angelica’s network isn’t buying Obama’s religious liberty ruse, Mark A. Thiessen, Washington Post (2-13-2012)

A Shell Game Is Not A Compromise, Mark Rienzi, National Review Online (2-10-2012)

The Compromise, Hannah Smith, National Review Online (2-10-2012)

First They Came For The Catholics: Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate, Timothy George and Chuck Colson, Christianity Today

Birth Control Trumps Religious Freedom In Obama’s Catholic Decision, Kirsten Powers, The Daily Beast

The Other Health-Care Mandate: Good Samaritan Turned Upside Down, Kyle Duncan, National Catholic Register (1-21-2012)

Obama administration picks a fight with Catholics, Patrick J. Reilly, The Washington Post (1-20-2012)

Secular Left’s intolerance of religious freedom, Timothy P. Carney, The Washington Examiner (11-27-2011)

Why contraception mandate should be scrapped, Richard W. Garnett, USA Today (11-27-2011)

Sebelius’ War Lands Her in Court, Mark Rienzi, National Catholic Register (11-10-2011)

 Obama’s grand miscalculation with Catholics, Maureen Mallow Ferguson, Ashley McGuire, Fox News (5-22-2012)


The Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act and Legal Challenges to the HHS Mandate , Issues, Etc. with Eric Rassbach (6-29-12)

A Recent New York Times Editorial about the Lawsuits against the HHS Mandate, Issues, Etc. with Mark L. Rienzi (6-4-2012)

HHS Mandate and Conscience Regulations Podcast, The Federalist Society with Mark L. Rienzi (5-30-2012)

Catholics, Contraception and the New Health Care Law, The Diane Rhem Show

Laura Ingraham Show with Hannah Smith and President Bill Thierfelder (1-23-2012)

Laura Ingraham Show with Mark Rienzi

Has Obama Waged War on Religon? NPR, Weekend Edition Sunday (1-8-2012)

A Federal Contraception Mandate, Becket Fund Senior Counsel Hannah Smith on Concerned Women for America (12-2-2011)



Not-So-Safe Harbor, Interview by Kathryn Jean Lopez with Kyle Duncan, National Review Online (9-6-2012)

‘Where are the Women’ on the Mandate?, Jennifer A. Marshall, National Review Online (2-28-2012)

Whose Conscience?, Linda Greenhouse, The Opinionater, The New York Times

HHS Mandate 101: Why you should care, Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online

Obamacare’s Latest Victim is Religious Freedom, Mike Brownfield, The Foundry (2-2-2012)

First, they came for the Catholics, Michelle Malkin (1-31-2012)

The HHS Contraception Mandate vs. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (six parts), Ed Whelan, National Review Online (1-26-2012)

The Bureaucracy’s Creep Against Life, Michael S. Greve, Liberty Law Blog (1-25-2012)

Suing Sebelius, Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online (1-21-2012)

Obama HHS Goes for Broke, Matthew J. Franck, First Things (1-20-2012)

The Contraception Mandate Violates Religious Freedom, Chelsea Langston, Capital Commentary (12-2011)

Conscience Cause: Will the President Make a Call for Liberty?, Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online (11-29-2011)

Religious Groups Fighting ‘Monk-Funded Mandates’ to Pay for Contraception, Audrey Hudson, Human Events (11-23-2011)

The Pro-Life Defeat That Wasn’t, Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online (11-14-2011)

Belmont Abbey Girds for Battle, Sues Over Fed. Mandate to Cover Contraception, Thomas Peters, (11-11-2011)


News Coverage

Hobby Lobby faces millions in fines for bucking Obamacare, CNN (12-27-2012)

Hobby Lobby’s Christian owners ask Supreme Court to block health law’s morning-after pill rule, Washington Post (12-21-2012)

Appeals court rules against Hobby Lobby in contraception coverage case, The Oklahoman (12-20-2012)

Religious schools claim ‘major victory’ after ruling on contraception mandate, Fox News (12-19-2012)

The Surprising Christian Organizations Suing the Government, Christianity Today (11-19-2012)

Md. Archbishop: Church Unable to Live With HHS Mandate, The Christian Post (11-13-2012)

Federal judge hears arguments in Hobby Lobby contraception case, The Oklahoman (11-2-2012)

Hobby Lobby asks federal judge to block portion of Obamacare; says it violates religious freedom, The Associated Press (11-2-2012)

Hobby Lobby, Federal Government Battle In Court Over Health Care Mandate, News on 6 Oklahoma (11-1-2012)

Hobby Lobby battles federal government over healthcare, News Channel 4 Oklahoma City (11-1-2012)

ObamaCare could be back before the Supreme Court by next year, Fox News (11-1-2012)



Christian Owned Business Files Federal Lawsuit Over Morning-After Mandate, ABC News (9-12-2012)

Hobby Lobby challenges federal mandate to provide ‘morning-after- pills to employees, The Oklahoman (9-12-2012)

Constitutional experts call Obama’s abuse of power historic, Human Events (9-12-2012)

HHS revises mandate third time; foes say it misses the point, Catholic News Agency (8-28-2012)

Wheaton College lawsuit dismissed , Chicago Tribune (8-27-2012)

Objections to Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate Keep Building, Peter Roff, US News & World Report (2-29-2012)

Senate Nears Showdown on Contraception Policy, Robert Pear, The New York Times (2-28-2012)

Birth Control Controversies Multiply, J. Lester Feder, Politico (2-27-2012)

Cardinal Dolan Joins Protest Over ‘Unacceptable’ Attack on Religious Liberty, National Catholic Register (2-27-2012)

7 states sue to block contraception mandate, Fox News (2-24-2012)

Small religious colleges mount legal challenge to contraceptive mandate, Fox News (2-24-2012)

US evangelical college seizes contraception fight with gusto, Stephanie Simon, Reuters (2-24-2012)

Michigan’s attorney general sues Obama administration over contraception, Niraj Warikoo , Detroit Free Press (2-23-2012)

Ave Maria lawsuit seeks to overturn president’s contraception mandate, News-Press (2-21-2012)

List shows dozens of prominent women oppose contraception mandate, Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency (2-21-2012)

Bishops to Obama: Rescind your unjust mandate, Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register (2-20-2012)

Different states’ contraceptive rules leave employers room to maneuver, N.C. Aizenman and Lena H. Sun, Washington Post (2-19-2012)

The legal case against the contraceptives mandate, Sarah Kliff, Washington Post (2-15-2012)

Religious groups committed to contraception suits, Reuters (2-10-2012)

Obama amends contraception rule amid backlash, Newscore, New York Post (2-10-2012)

EWTN sues US government over contraception mandate, Benjamin Mann, EWTN News

The Future of the Church in America, Russell Shaw, Catholic News Agency (2-9-2012)

USCCB Spokesman: Hawaii Bill ‘Not Much of a Compromise’ to Fix Contraception Mandate, Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register (2-7-2012)

White House tries to quell birth control storm, Carrie Budoff Brown and J. Lester Feder, Politico (2-7-2012)

Southern Baptist leader: Obama Contraception mandate ‘is not only a Catholic issue’, Ben Johnson, Life Site News (2-2-2012)

Rubio Introduces Bill to Protect Church Organizations Against Obama’s Mandate, Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register (1-31-2012)

Left Behind, Emily Belz, World Magazine (1-30-2012)

Obama administration gives groups more time to comply with birth control rule, N.C. Aizenman, The Washington Post (1-20-2012)

Churches Are Exempt From U.S. Requirement to Cover Contraception, HHS Says, Alex Wayne, Bloomberg (1-20-2012)

Obama Reaffirms Insurers Must Cover Contraception, Robert Pear, The New York Times   (1-20-2012)

Battle Over Birth Control, Libby A. Nelson, Inside Higher Ed (1-17-2012)

Health, abortion issues split Obama administration and Catholic groups,  Jerry Markon, Washington Post (10-31-2011)

Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate, Rachel Zoll, Associated Press (5-21-2012)

Becket Fund tackles HHS mandate questions 5/22/12 , Liz Faublas, Currents (5-22-2012)