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Smith v. Haley (2006-2008)

July 16, 2013

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is committed to defending the rights of all religious faiths, even those unknown to most Americans. When an Alabama prison inmate requested to keep an Odinist meditation crystal while in prison, officials denied his request on multiple occasions; the Becket Fund intervened on his behalf after the District Court Read More

EWTN v. Burwell

February 9, 2012

UPDATE: On June 30, 2014, the Catholic network won emergency relief from the Eleventh Circuit, protecting EWTN’s right to freely practice its faith. Thirty years ago, a cloistered nun named Mother Angelica started a small television network in her monastery garage to spread the teachings of the Catholic Church. Today, the network she started, Eternal Read More

Temple B’nai Sholom v. City of Huntsville, Alabama (2000-03)

January 19, 2011

The legal story of the Temple B’nai Sholom can seem as long as its history in Alabama. It is a Reform Jewish synagogue in Huntsville, that was founded in 1876 and has been in the same spot since 1899. In the 1970s, the Temple B’nai Sholom purchased two adjacent pieces of property for future expansion. Read More

Tommy DeForest, Cullman, Alabama (2007)

Tommy DeForest was a student at Good Hope High School in Cullman County, Alabama who wanted to wear the patka, the headcovering required by his Sikh faith, to school without fear of government reprisal.  But the school barred him from attending school with his patka, citing its “no hats” policy. The Becket Fund intervened with Read More

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