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Anonymous Iranian Christian Family

June 24, 2013

In a number of Middle Eastern countries, conversion to a religion (other than the prevailing strain of Islam) is a crime punishable by death. In countries with such laws, Christians and other religious minority groups are forced to practice their faiths in secret or risk unthinkably severe reprisal. Tragically, those who manage to escape such Read More

Calvary Chapel O’Hare v. Village of Franklin Park

November 2, 2012

Founded in 1996, Calvary Chapel O’Hare was located in a former real estate office. The church doubled in size in 2000, and its 2500 square foot facility was no longer adequate for its approximately 200 members. In February of 2002, after confirmation from city officials, Calvary Chapel contracted with the owner of a Chicago bowling Read More

Murfreesboro Media Information Sheet

July 18, 2012

About the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro: The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro(ICM) is a Muslim religious organization that serves a number of capacities: it houses religious worship, provides Muslim education and engages in community service. Under Tennessee law, it is a public-benefit corporation in good standing with the Tennessee Secretary of State. The Islamic Center has Read More

Wheaton College v. Burwell

Wheaton College (Wheaton, Ill.) is an explicitly Christian, academically rigorous liberal arts college and graduate school noted for its consistent ranking among the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Wheaton College’s mission is to “serve Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom through excellence in liberal arts and graduate programs that educate the whole person to Read More

Morr-Fitz v. Blagojevich

June 21, 2012

Americans who work in the healthcare field often do so out of concern for their fellow citizens.  They hope to use their careers to both make a living and make a difference in the lives of those who need their help. Given the high costs of healthcare, you might think that governments would encourage people Read More

Tong v. Chicago Park District

December 17, 2011

Chicago bureaucrats would have smothered religious speech in a display of privately funded messages in a neighborhood park if the Becket Fund had not secured an important victory for free religious speech. A park fundraiser overseen by the Chicago Park District invited the community to purchase bricks engraved with an inscription chosen by the donor Read More

C.L.U.B. v. City of Chicago, Illinois

February 7, 2011

Being a church in the city of Chicago is no easy task. If you’re looking for property, that is. Chicago zoning law allows churches in residential areas, but churches and other houses of worship are allowed in business and commercial zones only if they are granted a special use permit, requiring that they go through Read More

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