HHS Advocacy Resources

These resources will give you a quick education on the basic truths everyone should know about the HHS mandate, and the lawsuits poised to stop it in federal court.

Insightful Resources

HHS Mandate FAQ – Every question you were ever asked about the HHS mandate but were afraid to answer.

HHS Mandate 101 – An interview with Becket Fund attorney Mark Rienzi that reviews HHS mandate essentials.

It’s about religious liberty, not birth control Two women from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Asma Uddin and Ashley McGuire, speak out on behalf of religious females who object to the contraception mandate.

HHS Mandate Insulting and Dangerous – Cardinal Chaput’s op-ed opposing the HHS mandate.

How to Schedule Your Rally on the Associated Press Daybook – These short instructions outline a simple but very effective method of getting the media to cover your event.

Becket Fund Lawsuit Summaries:

EWTN v. Sebelius Summary
Ave Maria v. Sebelius Summary
Belmont Abbey College v. Sebelius Summary
Colorado Christian University v. Sebelius Summary
HHS Litigation Timeline