Justice Department sides against the Hosanna-Tabor church

Over at The Corner, Ed Whelan comments on the Justice Department’s brief in our Hosanna-Tabor case, currently pending before the Supreme Court. The case is about the right of churches to hire and fire their religious leaders without government interference. It’s been called the most important religious freedom case in 20 years.

The post explains the Justice Department’s position in the case:

DOJ’s position—which is even more hostile to the ministerial exemption than the amicus brief filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the ACLU—thus threatens to expose churches and other religious institutions to a broad array of employment-discrimination claims that the ministerial-exception has long shielded them from.

Stay tuned. Next week, the Becket Fund will be filing its reply to the DOJ with the Supreme Court. You can find background and the latest updates on the  Hosanna-Tabor case here.