Kyle Duncan Accepts Prestigious Position

Image: Kyle Duncan Accepts Prestigious Position


Kyle Duncan joined the ranks of distinguished Becket Fund alumni on February 21 when he accepted an offer to work as Special Counsel for the State of Louisiana. Becket Fund alumni have also accepted other prestigious positions such as general counsel for a religious denomination, staff at the U.S. Department of Justice, doctoral candidate at Oxford University, professor at a law school as well as associates and partners at private law firms. We wish Kyle well in his future endeavors.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is a public interest law firm that defends the free expression of all religious traditions. We have represented Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian clients, among many others. We focus exclusively on religious liberty. Therefore, we do not take a position on otherwise important moral and cultural issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage or the death penalty. We do not favor one religion over another. We believe that religious liberty is a basic human right.