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Press Releases

April 18, 2014: Media Advisory: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to receive the Becket Fund’s highest honor  at 19th Annual Canterbury Medal Dinner

April 10, 2014: Muslims, Southern Baptists, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Hindus respond to atheist attack on church housing allowances

March 25, 2014: Supreme Court Hears Landmark Hobby Lobby Case

March 19, 2014: Media Advisory: Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Arguments March 25th

March 3, 2014: Media Advisory: Ground Zero Cross Before Second Circuit Court of Appeals on March 6, 10 a.m. EST

February 24, 2014: Little Sisters of the Poor Seek Justice Before Federal Court

February 10, 2014: Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Brief Counters Government  “Divide and Conquer” Attempt to Violate Business Owners’ Religious Rights

February 10, 2014: Media Advisory: Hobby Lobby Press Briefing Today 3:30 p.m.

February 10, 2014: Inmate Drops Lawsuit after Florida Ordered to Provide a Kosher Diet

February 6, 2014: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to Receive the Becket Fund’s 2014 Canterbury Medal

January 28, 2014: Bi-Partisan Legislators, Religious Leaders, Legal Scholars and States File Support for Hobby Lobby

January 24, 2014: U.S. Supreme Court Protects Little Sisters of the Poor

January 23, 2014: New DOD regulations a belated step in the right direction

December 31, 2013: Little Sisters of the Poor Granted Temporary Injunction by Supreme Court

December 27, 2013: Texas Baptist Universities Win Lawsuit Against Controversial HHS Mandate

December 23, 2013: And the 2013 Ebenezer Award Goes to… the Wisconsin Department of Administration

December 20, 2013: First Class-Action Suit Wins Preliminary Injunction from HHS Mandate

December 13, 2013: Wheaton College Challenges Controversial HHS Mandate

December 13, 2013: Abbot, Small Church Fight Atheists’ Bid to Force IRS to Censor Church Sermons

December 12, 2013:  Media Advisory: Oral Argument for Class-Action Suit Against the HHS Mandate Set for December 16, 2013

December 5, 2013: Media Advisory: Oral Arguments for Pharmacist Conscience Case Cancelled

November 26, 2013: U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Hobby Lobby Case

November 20, 2013: Becket Fund Files Lawsuit for Belmont Abbey College Against Controversial HHS Mandate

November 13, 2013: Court of Appeals: Federal Government Burdened Sikh Religious Liberty

November 6, 2013: Supreme Court Hears Landmark Religious Liberty Case

November 6, 2013: The Becket Fund’s Executive Director Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz to Receive 2013 Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award

November 1, 2013: Becket Fund’s Comment on DC Circuit Court Ruling on Gilardi

October 31, 2013: Media Advisory: The Becket Fund’s Executive Director Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz to Receive  2013 Outstanding Catholic Leadership Award

October 28, 2013: State of Alabama Joins Nun’s Network to Challenge Controversial HHS Mandate

October 25, 2013: Media Advisory: Oral Argument for East Texas Baptist University and Houston Baptist University Set for November 11, 2013

October 21, 2013: Hobby Lobby Asks Supreme Court to Take Its Appeal

October 11, 2013: Church Benefits Provider and Ministries File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Controversial HHS Mandate

October 8, 2013: Iowa Agency Tries to Force Mennonite Couple to Host Controversial Religious Ceremony

September 27, 2013: Becket Fund Partners with UCLA School of Law Student Clinic to Defend Church Benefit Plans

September 24, 2013: Religious Sisters File First Class-Action Lawsuit Against Controversial HHS Mandate

September 24, 2013: The Becket Fund issues a statement in response to attack on Sikh professor

September 19, 2013: United States Appeals Hobby Lobby Decision to Supreme Court

September 19, 2013: CNN’s Marrapodi Receives Excellence in Religious Journalism Award

August 29, 2013: Ave Maria University Files Lawsuit Over Controversial HHS “Accommodation” (Ave Maria University v. HHS)

August 7, 2013: Christian University First to Renew its Lawsuit Over HHS Mandate (CCU v. HHS)

August 5, 2013: Supreme Court Urged to Uphold Prayer at Town Council Meetings

July 19, 2013: Hobby Lobby Wins Preliminary Injunction (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

July 16, 2013: Media Advisory: Hobby Lobby Oral Argument Set for July 19, 2013 (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

July 9, 2013: Media Advisory: Pledge of Allegiance Oral Argument set for September 4, 2013 (Pledge of Allegiance Cases)

July 9, 2013: European Court of Human Rights: Religious Autonomy Trumps Right to Unionize (Sindicatul)

July 3, 2013: Statement: Abortion-Drug Mandate Not Affected by Administration’s Delay of Parts of Health Care Law (HHS Mandate Challenge)

June 28, 2013: Hobby Lobby Gets 11th Hour Victory Against the Mandate (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

June 28, 2013: Final HHS Rule Fails to Protect Constitutional Rights of Millions of Americans (HHS Mandate Challenge)

June 27, 2013: Victory: 10th Circuit Overturns Denial of Hobby Lobby Injunction (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

June 24, 2013: Victory: Court Gives Montana Jesus Statue its Blessing (FFRF v. Weber)

May 23, 2013: Becket Fund’s Statement Following 10th Circuit Hearing on Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

May 16, 2013: Religious Liberty Leader Elder Dallin H. Oaks Awarded Becket Fund’s Highest Honor

May 14, 2013: Jewish Prison Inmate Wins Major Victory in Battle for Kosher Food (Rich v. Buss)

May 3, 2013: Muslims, Monasteries, Jews, Sikhs, and Scholars Urge Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Religious Liberty Appeal (Hutterite Case)

May 1, 2013: Becket Fund’s Statement Regarding Criminalizing Religious Proselytization in the Military

April 3, 2013: Media Advisory: Hobby Lobby Oral Argument Set for May 23, 2013 (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

April 2, 2013: Supreme Court Asked to Weigh in on Religious Group’s Right to Live Communally (Hutterite Case)

March 29, 2013: Tenth Circuit Grants Hobby Lobby Full Court Hearing (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

March 14, 2013: Becket Fund Statement on the Appointment of Melissa Rogers

March 11, 2013: Prominent Theological Seminary Join Fight Against Abortion-Pill Mandate (HHS Mandate Challenge)

February 20, 2013: Nine U.S. Senators & Two Representatives: Religious Freedom Includes Hobby Lobby, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

February 13, 2013: FEMA’s Denial of Aid to Religious Organizations Unconstitutional, Becket Weighs In

February 11, 2013: Azerbaijan Mosque Loses Eight-Year Struggle for Religious Freedom (Juma Mosque case)

February 1, 2013: Still Unacceptable and Unconstitutional, (HHS Mandate Challenge)

January 16, 2013: What Today’s ‘Proclamation on Religious Freedom’ Day Missed 

January 10, 2013: Statements Regarding Hobby Lobby, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

December 21, 2012: Jewish Prison Inmate Wins Major Victory in Battle for Kosher Food, (Moussazadeh v. Texas)

December 21, 2012: Supreme Court Asked to Weigh in on Landmark Church-State Controversy, (Doe v. Elmbrook)

December 20, 2012: Hobby Lobby Forced to ask Supreme Court to Halt Abortion Drug Mandate, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

December 18, 2012: The 2012 Ebenezer Award Goes To: Presenting this year’s most ridiculous affront to Christmas and Hanukkah…

December 18, 2012: Federal Appeals Court Hands Victory to Religious Colleges, Commands HHS to Act Quickly to Fix Mandate (HHS Mandate Challenge)

December 10, 2012: Illinois Cannot Punish Pharmacists with Religious Objections to Abortion-Inducing Drugs,  (Morr- Fritz v. Blagojevich)

December 6, 2012: Court rules in favor of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York on HHS Mandate

November 29, 2012, O’Brien Business Granted Emergency Relief from HHS Mandate in 8th Circuit; HL Seeks Same, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

November 21, 2012: Hobby Lobby Seeks Emergency Relief From Abortion-Pill Mandate, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

November 20, 2012: Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Disabled Students, (Jenks v. Spry – Kimmery v. Broken Arrow)

November 19, 2012: Federal Court: Hobby Lobby must violate its faith and pay for abortion-pills, (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

November 19, 2012: Press Release: Pending December Hearing, Religious Colleges Submit Final Brief to D.C. Circuit (HHS Mandate Challenge)

November 13, 2012: Press Release: Supreme Court Says No to Hypersecularist Attack on Religious Freedom, (Moss v. Spartanburg)

October, 29, 2012: Media Advisory:  Hobby Lobby Hearing Set for Thursday, November 1, 2012 (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

October 29, 2012: Press Release: Hobby Lobby: Government Can’t Strip Business Owners of Religious Liberty (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

October 26, 2012: Press Release, Massachusetts high court agrees to hear Pledge of Allegiance case (Doe v. Acton-Boxborough Regional School District)

October 24, 2012: Press Release, Hobby Lobby responds to DOJ brief against religious freedom (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

October 12, 2012: Press Release - Biden’s Remarks Debunked as Catholic Institutions and 13 States File Amicus Briefs Opposing HHS Mandate before DC Circuit Court of Appeals (HHS Mandate Challenge)

October 10, 2012: Press Release - Ave Maria President: HHS Mandate Threatens Millions in Fines, Harms Faculty, Drains Resources and Endangers Future (Ave Maria v. Sebelius)

October 9, 2012: Press Release, East Texas Baptist University and Houston Baptist University Sue over HHS Mandate (ETBU & HBU v. Sebelius)

October 5, 2012: Press Release,  Appeal to DC Circuit: Christian Colleges “Suffering Present Harm”

October 2, 2012: Press Release, Supreme Court to Consider Hearing Weighty Church-State Controversy

September 27, 2012: Media Advisory, Food Fight: Oral Arguments in Prison Kosher Case Set to Begin (Moussazadeh v. Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

September 21, 2012: Press Release, Illinois Appeals Court: State Cannot Punish Pharmacists with Religious Objections to Abortion-Inducing Drugs (Morr- Fritz v. Blagojevich)

September 20, 2012: Press Release, Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review of HHS Mandate

September 12, 2012: Press Release, Hobby Lobby Sues Over HHS Mandate (Hobby Lobby v. HHS)

August 30, 2012: Press Release, Wheaton College Appeals Dismissal of HHS Lawsuit, (Wheaton v. HHS)

August 28, 2012: Press Release, Becket Fund Files Interfaith Brief Defending Catholic Bishops Against ACLU Lawsuit

August 24, 2012: Press Release, Administration Rewrites “Safe Harbor,” Dodges Defense of HHS Mandate in Court (Wheaton v. HHS)

August 10, 2012: Press Release, Mosque Free to Open, A Win for All Religious Houses of Worship (Islamic Center)

August 2, 2012: Press Release, Florida Faces Lawsuit Over Denial of Kosher Food to Jewish Inmates

August 1, 2012: Press Release, Wheaton College Seeks Emergency Relief Against HHS Mandate (Wheaton v. HHS)

July 31, 2012: Press Release, Federal Court Asked to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Montana Jesus Statue (FFRF v. Weber)

July 18, 2012: Press Release, Federal Judge orders Tennessee County to allow mosque ability to open for Ramadan (Islamic Center)

July 18, 2012: Press release, Tennessee mosque sues in federal court for right to celebrate religious holiday (Islamic Center)

July 18, 2012: Press Release, Wheaton College Sues over HHS Mandate (HHS) (includes audio of press conference call)  (Wheaton v. HHS)

June 29, 2012: Press Release, 4th Circuit Rules for Student’s Right to Receive a Religious Education (Moss v. Spartanburg)

June 28, 2012: Press Release, Individual Mandate Survives–Religious Liberty Challenges Move Forward (HHS)

June 18, 2012: Press Release, Battle for Disabled Children’s Scholarships Begins before OK Supreme Court (Jenks v. Spry – Kimmery v. Broken Arrow)

June 11, 2012: Press Release, Massachusetts court rejects challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance (Doe v. Acton)

May 30, 2012: Press Release, Becket Fund Enters Ring Defending Montana Jesus Statue (FFRF v. Weber)

May 3, 2012: Press Release, Church Wins Zoning Appeal; City Surrenders, (Elijah Group v. City of Leon Valley)

April 18, 2012: Press Release, Scholarship Program for Disabled Children Gets Second Chance, (Jenks v. Spry – Kimmery v. Broken Arrow)

April 17, 2012: Press Release, Anti-Religious Amendment Before Colorado Court of Appeals–Becket Fund Fight’s Back (Douglas County School District v. Larue)

April 14, 2012: Press Release, Becket Fund Files Critical Brief in Indiana School Choice Case (Meredith v. Daniels)

March 27, 2012: Press Release, Oklahoma District Judge Rules Against Disabled Students’ Opportunity For Equal Education (Jenks v. Spry – Kimmery v. Broken Arrow)

February 22, 2012: Press Release,  Court Strikes Down Law Requiring Pharmacies to Dispense the Morning-After Pill (Stormans v. Selecky)

March 22, 2012: Press Release, Alabama Joins Becket Fund’s Fight Against Unconstitutional HHS Mandate

March 16, 2012: Press Release, Administration ‘Takes Another Mulligan”

February 28, 2012: Press Release, Obama Administration Takes Another Pass on Defending HHS Mandate

February 27, 2012: Press Release, His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan signs statement rejecting HHS mandate

February 21, 2012: Press Release,  Becket Fund Files on Behalf of Ave Maria University

February 17, 2012: Press Release, Obama Administration Responds to Contraception Lawsuit: “Please Look the Other Way”

February 15, 2012: Media Advisory, “Lines Crossed” Congressional Hearing on HHS Mandate Tomorrow

February 15, 2012: Press Release, UNACCEPTABLE: Diverse group of more than 300 academics and religious leaders call Obama’s HHS statement “Unacceptable”

February 10, 2012: Press Release,  Obama Administration Offers False “Compromise” on Abortion-Drug Mandate

February 9, 2012: Press Release, Becket Funds Files Lawsuit for Nun’s TV Network

February 6, 2012: Fact Checking White House, False Claims Made about HHS Mandate

January 31, 2012: Press Release,  Becket Fund Praises Rubio Over Bill to Repeal Abortion-Drug Mandate

January 20, 2012: Press Release,  Obama Administration Refuses to Change Abortion-Drug Mandate

December 21, 2011: Press Release, Colorado Christian University First Evangelical University to Fight Abortifacient Mandate

November 10, 2011: Press Release,  Belmont Abbey College Sues Federal Government