Stand Up For Religious Freedom on March 23

Image: Stand Up For Religious Freedom on March 23


On March 23 at noon thousands of Americans from all faiths will gather to rally in support of religious freedom.

These peaceful rallies are opposing the new Health Care mandate forcing religious organizations to provide services contrary to their faith.

Will you attend a rally near you with our Petition to help us raise our voice in the White House?

Download Petition Front

Download Petition Back


1) Print out several copies of the FRONT and a few copies of the BACK (The back of the petition is for people to read it before signing).

2) Bring a few pens.

3) Bring two clipboards so that more than one person can sign the petition at the same time (another option is to use cardboard from the side of a box with a rubber band to ‘clip’ the petition papers down on the cardboard, you could have both the front and back petition pages on opposite sides of the cardboard).

4) Approach rally attendees with a smile and an introduction – ask them to sign the Becket Fund’s petition to urge President Obama to reconsider his actions and order HHS to provide the kind of broad protection to religious liberty that our laws require.

5) After the rally, please return the petition data to us. You have several options to return the petition data:

A) Visit to manually enter the petition signatures.
B) Email the petitions to
C) Fax the petitions to 202-955-0090
D) Mail the petitions to 3000 K St. NW, Suite 220 Washington, D.C. 20007