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The Pledge of Allegiance Cases

December 20, 2012

To learn more about the Becket Fund’s ongoing efforts in the New Jersey Pledge challenge, click here.  For over a decade, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has successfully defended the words “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? Because the phrase “under God” answers one of the most important questions any community Read More

Gov. Gregoire vs. Religious Liberty

November 30, 2011

America’s struggling economy can’t afford more boarded up businesses, just because some in government power find conscience protections unsavory.

Belmont Abbey College v. Burwell

November 10, 2011

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty represents Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic liberal arts college founded by Benedictine monks, in a lawsuit against the federal government to protect Belmont Abbey’s right to be true to its principles.  As a Catholic college, Belmont Abbey teaches that contraception, sterilization, and abortion are against God’s law. So in Read More

U.S. District Court Holds Trial in Cranston High School Mural Case

October 13, 2011

“The Supreme Court is clear that we don’t have to scrub our public buildings of all historic references to religion.”

PBS Religion and Ethics- Supreme Court: Ministerial Exception

Luke Goodrich on PBS Religion and Ethics to defend a Lutheran elementary school’s claim to ministerial exception.

Center for Inquiry v. Jones

February 7, 2011

Meet Prisoners of Christ and Lamb of God Ministries Addiction is a major problem and a huge cause of criminal recidivism. To help break the vicious cycle of addiction and recidivism, the State of Florida studied the issue and found that innovative private groups are excellent at helping prisoners turn their lives around. So Florida Read More

Michele Curay-Cramer v. Ursuline Academy, et al., Delaware, (2003-2007)

When Michele Curay-Cramer, an English and religion teacher at the private, Catholic school Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, came out publicly in favor in abortion, she was immediately terminated from her position teaching Catholic doctrine. More specifically, on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in January 2003, Curay-Cramer signed onto a full-page ad in Read More

Americans United for Separation of Church and State v. Prison Fellowship Ministries, Iowa

Imagine thanking one of the most successful prisoner rehabilitation programs in the nation with a $1.5 million dollar plus fine. But a federal judge in Iowa, acting at the behest of the hyperseparationist group Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, did just that. The Iowa InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) is a comprehensive, Read More

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