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Over 300  leading scholars, university presidents and other academic administrators, activists, and religious leaders from a multitude of faiths, have joined together in a statement rejecting the HHS mandate requiring employers to provide, directly or indirectly, insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations, and contraceptives, and also rejecting President Obama’s so-called “accommodation” of religious liberty as a mere “accounting trick” that changes nothing of moral substance. 

Its signers include Robert P. George, of Princeton University; Mary Ann Glendon, of the Harvard Law School; Rabbi David Novak of the Univeristy of Toronto; the eminent Muslim scholar and public intellectual Shaykh Hamza Yusuf; University of Chicago Professor Jean Bethke Elshtain; the great religious liberty scholar and appellate litigator Michael McConnell of Stanford Law School; Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Vice President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; the distinguished political theorist Thomas Pangle of the University of Texas; Rabbi Meir Soloveichik of Yeshiva University; Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia; Evangelical leader and Prison Fellowship founder Charles Colson; Archbishop Peter Akinola, former Anglican Primate of Nigeria; Dr. Paige Patterson, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention; Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III of the Church of God in Christ; Stockholm Prize laureate Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe of Princeton University; and on and on. Not only is this an alliance of Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Latter-Day Saints, Jews, Muslims, and others; the list of signers includes people from across the political spectrum–liberals, conservatives, and people fitting into neither category.

This is an unprecedented coming together of people to defend religious liberty and the rights of conscience against a deeply misguided and unjust governmental action.

“The simple fact is that the Obama administration is compelling religious people and institutions who are employers to purchase a health insurance contract that provides abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization.  This is a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand.”

See full letter here.


  • http://www.thinkpoint.wordpress.com Steve Cornell

    For a balanced concern about how we defend freedom, see: “An uncomfortable tension with the Obama Administration” http://thinkpoint.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/an-uncomfortable-battle-with-the-obama-administration/

  • http://beingisgood.blogspot.com Deacon Dana McCarthy

    I am called by God to exercise my natural freedom to seek the good in all I do. This mandate attempts to deny me the God-given right to choose the good. It must be defeated.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for sounding as my voice. I can not personally stand up in front of the current ‘government’ individuals and express my outrage at yet another move towards socialism and religious quelling. I stand beside you as you serve as my voice in the public arena. Thank you. Melissa

  • charles Tucker

    Mr. Obama has over reached his authority,
    and its time he understands the American
    people won’t allow this to happen. Our
    religious liberty is not to be messed with.
    Our first amendment rights are important and
    A lot of people died to protect those rights.
    I will not allow those rights to be squandered
    And trampelled by any one.

  • Arlene Harlan

    Dear President Obama,
    I am hopeful that YOU will change your mind as you have in the past 3 plus years, i.e. pact money, speech at Notre Dame, excepting certain backers of your personal interest (certain unions, states, companies).

    I recall you promising ‘administration transparency’ then came multi-paged bills slipping through in the middle of the night, for energy reform, a 3 year Canadian study of pipeline, ends in a dismissal no discussion. There are more, Bowles report, etc.

    Can you understand why I am hopeful that you will change your mind again.?

    I recently read IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by E. Larson and NO ORDINARY TIME by D.K. Goodwin, and visited Berlin, Germany in October 2011, the parallels to our time has prompted grave concern for this dear country and its extraordinary constitution.

    I am confident that you share many of my concerns.

  • Michelle Monroe

    This attack on religion will not be acceptable.
    We will educate the public on the evils of abortion and the presidents attcks on family values. This is an oppuritunity to teach Gods Truths to our Nation and all of the other Countries watching. The Catholic Church needs to stand up and tell our beliefs so there is no misunderstandings to what we believe.

  • Casey

    Why are some unions exempted from the healthcare mandate and religious affiliations are not exempted? I hope the Supreme Court this summer ends these repressive mandated HHS policies.

  • D.R. Dwyer

    It is contrary to all that is best in the United States of America to so markedly deny freedom of conscience in this way. I do not understand, why, given the traditions of a free market economy, there is no “ethical” policy choice available for anyone who believes that the provision of contraception, sterilization and abortifacients is immoral. Lessons form the stock market would indicate that many people seek ethical investments and have the freedom to invest in companies which produce or provide goods and services consistent with their most deeply held beliefs and values. Insofar as investment is concerned, the free market certainly does not deny religious liberty. How is it that the Obama insurance plan seems incapable of offering any alternatives that do not include the provision of morally repugnant services and products? Intelligent ethical investors are not fobbed off by accounting or administrative tricks – they take their business elsewhere. Alas, the Obama plan lacks an “elsewhere”. Is this lack of any alternative due to that creeping militant secularism which tolerates no deviation? This is not tolerant neutrality in the American sense–it is a deeply anti-religious totalitarianism and is indeed an assault on religious liberty.

  • Rachel

    Please don’t give up until you win back religious liberty. Also, repeal Obamacare that gives the President authority to tell private companies that must provide their product or service free. What’s next?

  • Krista Dettlaff RN, BSN


  • John J. uhran, Jr.

    I support this letter and its contents. It is another display of arrogance by this president and his administrators(Some Catholic).

  • Margaret F. Brinig

    I agree with the statement opposing the announcement regarding contraception coverage.

  • http://www.nd.edu/~areimers Adrian J. Reimers

    I appreciate and fully agree with this letter, “”Unacceptable”. The Administration’s proposal challenges not only my conscience, but Christ’s own prerogative to establish and teach his Church.

  • David Younger

    I, too, stand with the Catholic Bishops against this ‘compromise’ offered by the Obama administration. This is still an assault on my firm-held beliefs as a Catholic and an assault on Religious Liberty.

  • Bartley Burk

    I’m from the University of Notre Dame and believe the compromise is simply a shell game.

  • Tim Fitzgerald

    I would submit that a highly visible and essentially cost-free response to the administration would be to strip the president of the degree given to him by Notre Dame.


  • Bob Bush

    This is an opportunity to stand against something that if left unabated, will shake our constitution to it’s core, with devastating consequences. Obama and his administration must be made to understand that this initiative will not be
    be allowed to pass. PERIOD.

  • von george

    Where were the Bishops when Notre Dame honored the America’s chief promoter of abortion? Where the Bishops in fall of ’08 when millions of alleged Catholics were supporting and funding this promoter of abortion? Where were the Illinois Bishops when he got his start? Leadership without backbone is crushed. If the Church in America continues to play footsie with Liberal America, there won’t be any Catholic institutions left. Wake up Catholic America, rise up and take back the country!

  • Juanita Bashaw

    Obama care is unacceptable! It is unconstitutional!!! Immoral!!! I am joining a health care that will be exempt from this law!!!

  • Mary Boylston

    Please reconsider this violation of my rights. This is unacceptable, unfair, and unjust.

  • Mike Strathman

    This mandate is far more than contraception. Healthcare is very often a moral choice; life, death, impact on your family and loved ones. The affordable healthcare act is designed to get the government into the middle of those decisions. Individuals, their loved ones, & God are the participants. Spiritual advisors are God’s representatives on earth and are often invited in by the people directly involved. Medical doctors need to contribute the technical advice they can and are guided by their medical oath and conscience. Government is not needed. Bureaucrats have no ethical contribution to make; they just apply rules. The rules can never cover all the personal issues for 300 million people and are guaranteed to fail. Giving-in on one religious exemptoion concedes the priniciple “government has a place in your decisions”. It does not!

  • Amy Rather

    I do not for the life of me understand how Americans are tolerating this maddness. Are we to busy with our lives, or technology, or entertainment to take time to stand up to protect what our forefathers established? I am scared. I am sad, but I am also a warrior for the cause of Christ and will fight to protect our rights. Will you?

  • andrew remstad

    Thank you for standing up to this administration and vocalizing the concerns that all of us little guys share about having our rights trampled upon. The devil is certainly in the details of Obamacare.

  • Michael Mccann

    Can we sue the United States Government (the Obama Administration) for establishing a state religion? It seems to me that the laws that have been pasted and that are in the works cleary demonstrate that the government intends to remove God from society – which is imposing a State sanctioned religion – Atheism – on all Americans.

  • Steve McKinney

    The catholic church is setting itself up to be the arbiter-dictator of conscience for all Americans. What about my non-religious conscience? The catholic church will review all claims to conscience and determine which ones are OK and which are not OK. They will be authoritarian, perhaps totalitarian.

    The principle of “religious conscience” is illogical in a democracy, since someone will have to assume a self referred authority. I claim to be a church. Will catholics mount a political effort to get Obama to say I am not a church? I claim that child molestation is OK according to my conscience. Will the catholic church declare itself the dictator of acceptable or non acceptable conscience to deny the validity of my conscience?

    In short, though the catholic church may think otherwise, God has not bestowed upon the church the authority to declare what is right and what is wrong. In a democracy individuals get to decide for themselves.

  • stytz

    You are exactly correct.

  • Candace M.Griswold


    • Candace M.Griswold


  • dolly tuttle

    It is a disgrace what has been happening with the contraception, abortive pill, and steralizations issue to assault or smack our constitution down. Not only are they telling christian people,Jews and Muslims what they must do to make obama, healthcare law fly and are editing what we can say publicly about it. We are losing two of our most important rights if we let this happen. He wants a secular country and is willing to slapdown the 1st amendment to get it there. He doesn,t represent America so lets make sure he’s is out of there come November and let the world know that we will do what is necessary to protect our rights . Editing what can be read or said is also an onslaught on our right to free speech if we are saying things that don’t please some ears. I don’t understand either what a supreme court justice is meaning when she indicates she would not recommend our constitution to another country. If she feels that way can she apply a just decision when interpeting it.

  • angerer,charlotte

    I wish to let my voice be heard that I am against his birth control and the morning after. I am against the fact that he is making us a country like so many of the other counties,where they take away all of our freedoms.We must vote this man and his cabinet out of the goverment.